Contrology is becoming more and more popular throughout the land, and yet with that popularity, there are so many misconceptions about what the founder of the method intended when he created the exercise back in the early 1900s.  Well here at Inspire and Be Pilates, we are going to smash through the barriers of misperceptions and build up new foundations of understanding to bring the real meaning of Pilates to the world.

We want to tear down the idea that Pilates is only for improving a physique’s appearance.  We are interested in the way that Pilates benefits one’s overall health.

We want to destroy the perception that a Pilates body has to look a certain way.  There is no set physical appearance for a person who practices Pilates.

We want to bust through the on-going myth that Pilates is only for women.  We will convey how that myth came to be, plus the way that the practitioners of Pilates have changed over time.

We will talk about all of these subjects and this thing called “Contrology” in the coming days so be sure to come back.