Best Online Pilates Resources

If you are interested in getting into shape, Pilates is an excellent way to bolster your efforts. (If you’re not familiar with Pilates, you can learn more about it here.)Regardless of whether you choose to incorporate it a couple of times each week into your exercise regime, or opt to engage in this incredible workout every day; it is essential that you have excellent resources to rely on.

However, you shouldn’t be under the impression that Pilates is equivalent to hitting the gym to lift weights or engaging in the latest fitness craze. In reality, Pilates is a well-established exercise routine that tones your body in ways that these other forms of exercise simply cannot.

Joseph Pilates, a German-born physical trainer, developed these techniques in the first half of the 1900’s. His father was a gymnast, and his mother a naturopath, which gave young Joseph a strong foundation in the importance of both physical fitness and understanding the body’s innate ability to heal and thrive under the right circumstances. He began putting these principles into action, initially with soldiers and then dancers.

However, you don’t have to be a dancer or member of the military to use Pilates. In fact, as you begin perusing the best resources for Pilates exercises and information, you will quickly discover that folks from all walks of life use these methods today.

In fact, if you only view Pilates as a means to six-pack abs or tone your muscles, you will miss out on some of the most exciting benefits engaged practitioners experience. Make sure that the websites you visit understand that.

For instance, the Pilates Pal is dedicated to connecting instructors, students and interested parties with each other. Sales of used Pilates products and information about upcoming teaching opportunities are part of their pledge to connect people in the world of Pilates. Learn more about Pilates Pal and what they offer such as the ability to find Pilates classes in their Youtube video.

You might also want to look into Pilates Method Alliance and search for website resources based in your community. When taking a course from a local instructor, it is essential that you verify their credentials and methods. (Pilates has been expanded upon in different circles; thus newer techniques and routines are used by varying instructors throughout the world.)

Make sure that any resources you depend on understand the basic principles behind Pilates. These six foundation pieces are: breath, centering, concentration, control, flow, and precision. When combined together, they create a fantastic well-rounded approach to health and wellness.

With regular practice, your body will be stronger and more flexible. The motions are designed to improve your control and balance so that you can execute virtually any movement with greater ease. The concept of balance applies in two ways. First of all, you will find it easier to reach for tall or distant objects without fear of falling. Secondly, Pilates works to balance the strength and flexibility of the right and left sides of your body.

Check out the resources mentioned above, and keep an open mind toward others. Focus on resources that provide the information, products and other connections you need to succeed with Pilates. You will be amazed at how much it can improve the way you look and feel!