Working as a Pilates Teacher

So you are considering working as a Pilates instructor and don’t know where to begin. Perhaps you’ve taken Pilates classes, thought to yourself this would be an interesting profession to get into and would like to get more answers. Well, keep on reading for good tips to help you decide if working as a Pilates instructor is something that you would like to pursue.

What is your job like as a Pilates instructor and what do you do?

For those of you who don’t know much about Pilates, you can learn more about it here, however, it can be summed up very simply. It is an exercise routine that involves many types of slow flowing movements that are designed in such a way to help stretch out every part of the body. As an instructor, you will lead classes and individuals teaching your students and showing them how to gain more flexibility, mobility, and strength.

Working as a Pilates instructor gives you a lot of flexibility in where you conduct classes. You have many options to choose from such as working for a studio, where you will be required to teach a certain number of classes. Then you have freelance work which you can do in your clients home, your home or at a rented studio.

You can also combine the two, work as a freelance instructor and make extra money while also have a regular paying job with a fitness studio. This allows you to build up your clientele and lets you work more on your own time and increases your earnings.

There are many skills to learn as a Pilates instructor and the job not only requires excellent fitness, but you should also be a very good teacher. You must be able to speak to your clients in an encouraging manner that gives them the motivation to continue. Keep in mind that the more your clients are motivated and excited to attend your class, the more referrals you will get. So remember that good communication skills in addition to being a great teacher is required to succeed in this profession.

Learning Pilates opens up many doors and opportunities for work that you may not have thought was possible. You can anywhere in the world and teach Pilates! Many instructors who love to travel become Pilates teachers on cruise ships, resorts and other types of entertainment venues throughout the world. There is also plenty of work available at rehabilitation centers, gyms, and local colleges.

Enhance your resumé and training to instruct similar classes teaching Yoga and/or Kickboxing. All of these tend to tie in together, and you could be a one-stop shop for all of your clients’ needs. It actually helps you become more well-rounded as a teacher when you have these additional skills, plus your clients will love the variations in their workouts, keeping everything fresh, so they stay motivated.

One of the best things about being a Pilates instructor is that the classes are up to you. With over 500 different moves you can combine them into many different combinations that keep your participants interested and always on their toes. They will wonder what you have planned for them everytime they enter the studio.

Regular workouts can be boring and repetitive, but with Pilates, it is different every time. Additionally, you are helping your students gain a whole new perspective on life as you watch them transform their bodies to become more lean and flexible. It puts a smile on everyone’s face and makes you as an instructor feel good about your job. Actually, it really doesn’t feel like a job the more you get into it because you are constantly coming up with new and exciting routines.

To be a great Pilates instructor, you must also be good at teaching and have a lot of patience. Many of your clients when first starting out will not be in shape and may be reluctant in doing certain moves, but over time and with your guidance, you will change minds and win them over. Pretty soon they will be so excited to come to class, and that will make you feel much better as a teacher.

As you can see from above, working as a Pilates instructor involves a lot of teaching and a caring attitude. You must love working with people and have a lot of patience to succeed as a Pilates instructor.